Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Random Thoughts

1. I want to make a bumper sticker that says: Jesus was Palestinian

2. I feel like I’ve been flying a fighter for the Rebellion during my time here, but when I go back and do my year service requirement with the US government I’ll be working on the Death Star.

3. Why is it historically inaccurate to make comparisons between the checkpoints in the Palestine and some of the techniques used by the Nazis pre-holocaust, but it is okay for Seinfeld to make an entire episode about the Soup Nazi? Why is it socially acceptable to use the term femi-nazi, but not to point out that color coded ID cards that state religion are reminiscent of Nazi Germany?

4. Why am I a foreigner to the Arabs, an Arab to the Israelis, and exotic to Americans?

5. Why do Palestinians love Celion Dione?

6. Why does being pro-Palestinian equal being anti-Semitic?

7. It is very important to enunciate the word al-Quds (the name for Jerusalem) in Arabic, because al –Cus means something else entirely.

8. How is the wall securing Israel when it is trapping over a million Palestinians inside the wall, on the Israeli side?

9. Why can I remember the words to hundreds of songs, but I can’t remember my weekly vocabulary words?

10. Why do these lists always come in tens?


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