Friday, September 23, 2005

In response to some comments

A note to my readers:

I received this anonymous comment regarding my blog entry about the building of the wall in Deir Ballout.

"Sahar! The Palestinians who are building the wall are being paid to do so. You may not agree with this policy, but it is their choice to participate in the walls construction! The Jews who were massacred by the Nazis were slaves!!! How could you make that comparison? "

This was in response to my words:

"I can’t image how awful it must be to have to decide to build your own prison because you so desperately need the money to feed your family . . . it reminded me of Nazi’s during WWII forcing Jews to dig their own mass graves before massacring them."

I wanted to clarify that I said it reminded me of the situation in Nazi Germany. I did not say that it was the same -- only that one thing brought the other to mind. I am writing this journal as a way to comment on my thoughts and experiences during my time here. I am sorry if this offends some people, but I have a right to think freely and to share those thoughts with others.

I will continue to write this blog about my experiences and my thoughts and reactions to those experiences. All comments are welcome, but I do reserve the right to comment on your comments.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel like im learing alot through reading about your blog. Its really interesitng and i really appreciate you taking the time to write about your experiences for us and yourself. Your amazing and really brave Sahar. love ya.


8:44 AM  
Blogger a.k.a.bicuka said...

you said it right! i felt the same... if almost feels like revenge!

6:00 PM  

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